Bike Riding
Date:    Satuday, August 30, 2014
Time:    9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Fee:      None, but signup is required
Wear:   Closed-toe shoes are recommended
Bring:   Drinking water and lunch, your own bicycle, helmet.

We will ride closer to the ranch and will NOT ride through the tunnel at the top of the pass.

Please bring all bikes to the Lodge between 8:00am - 9:00am. Please review the bike ride requirements to ensure you bring appropriate equipment for the ride.

There will be a mandatory bike inspection prior to the ride. Minor adjustments can be made to your bicycle prior to the ride, such as help taping your flashlight to your handle bars and pumping up tires. We do not have the ability to patch tires, remove and/or replace parts or modify bicycles in any other way (e.g. fixing brakes). Please ensure your bicycle is road-worthy before participating in this activity so as not to adversely affect the other participants during the ride! The ride leader has last word on participants as he is responsible for everyone’s safety on this ride.

Important Notes: This ride is not on pavement, it is on a gravel path. Make sure that you are comfortable on un-even and loose surfaces.

Requirements for the Ride:
Must have a bike in good working order (No scooters, No tricycles, No training wheels)
Must have proper safety equipment - HELMETS ARE REQUIRED!
Must be able to ride 5 miles +
Bring your own water
Bring a jacket
Kids can participate as long as they are able to make the 5+ miles ride
Proper riding clothes and shoes (e.g. no flip-flops)