Ensign Ranch Campout FAQ
What and where is Ensign Ranch?
Ensign Ranch is a recreational property owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). It is on the north side of I-90 about 7 miles West of Cle Elum, WA

What should I bring?
Take a look at our list of suggestions for camping.

What if I don't have camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc)?
Please talk to your Bishopric and/or ward or stake Single Adult reps.

What are the accommodations like?
Rustic. (It’s a campout, after all!) Camping and lodging facilities vary but all locations have access to potable water and toilet facilities. Showers and toilets are located at the lodge and are also available near Lockamora and Grotto campsites. Established campsites usually have picnic tables and a small fire place; although campfires will be prohibited if there is a fire ban in effect. Meadow and island campsites have no tables or fireplaces. Take a look at the Ensign Ranch website for maps and photos.
For more details and maps of the campsite areas go to the Camping Accommodations page. For a general overview map of the ranch, download or view the PDF map posted at the bottom of this page.
Are meals provided? What should I bring to eat?
Yes, some meals are provided. For other meals you are on your own.
Please note that no lodge kitchen facilities are available for personal use. See our detailed schedule.
Do I need to bring my own plates, cups & utensils to meals?
Plates, cups and utensils will be provided. This is a change from previous years. You are welcome to bring your own, but we have learned that it's difficult to provide a place for you to clean your dishes with water and soap after meals. It's more efficient for us to provide these.

Can I register at the Ranch?
Yes, although we prefer that you pre-register to enhance our advance preparations, and to help make sure that you get the right camp site. (The Ranch office cannot accept registration forms or payment at any time.)
We encourage you to fill out the online registration form on this site and then mail your payment with a printed copy of the confirmation email. Make sure that your email address is listed on the printed page that you mail to us. Registrations are not complete until payment has been received.

What is covered by the registration fee?
The fee covers the four day/three night campout; including ranch lodging, tent or RV camping, all campout activities including dances, several meals, and on-site activities such as the slippery slide, canoeing, outdoor activities, etc. Some off-site activities such as river rafting require additional fees.

I am sharing a campsite with other Single Adults. How do we determine how much to pay for each person?
The registration fee is per person, not per campsite location. Children should be included on the registration form with their accompanying adult. Please refer to the cost schedule on the registration.

Are sites available for recreational vehicles (RVs)?
There are generally 6 RV spaces with hook-ups, and several additional parking locations that do not have hook-ups. RV spaces are assigned based on first registered and paid basis. Registrations are not complete until payment has been received.

Can we ride the horses at the Ensign Ranch?
Horseback trail rides, parent-led rides for younger children and wagon-hayrides are available at no additional charge, however, there are a limited number of horses, and therefore, limited availability of riding opportunities. A horse riding release form must be printed and signed for both horse back rides and parent-led horse back rides. See Activities section for further information as the event draws near.

Can we use the Slip-n-Slide at the Ensign Ranch?
The Slip-n-Slide is available for all to use, but closed-toed water shoes must be worn. A release form must be filled out.

What release forms do I need to fill out and bring with me?  
Everyone who attends the Ensign Ranch Campout must fill out a general release form. If you plan to participate in other specific activities, you'll need to fill out the following release forms: Slip-n-Slide, Horseback Riding (there are separate releases for trail riding and for parent-led rides), as well as River Rafting, and the Zumba class offered on Saturday morning. 

Where can I get the release forms?
Some release forms are found on the activity webpages. The forms not available online will be available at Ensign Ranch during registration/check-in.

Can we go fishing?
Fishing is permitted in Crabtree Lake (surrounded by meadows) by permit available at the Ranch office for $2.00. Fishing in the Yakima River is subject to the State of Washington Game Department regulations.

Can we bring pets?
Sorry, no pets or animals of any kind are allowed.

Where can I pitch a tent?
There is ample space for tents, including some established campsites, and meadow locations.

What are the campsites like?
Established Yakima and Locamora campsites usually have a small fireplace and a picnic table. Yakima sites have room for tents. Lockamora sites have A-frames, and cabin tents on a wooden floored platform are at some of the sites. See the Ensign Ranch website for maps and photos, or take a look at the PDF files posted at the bottom of this page.

What can I expect with a meadow campsite?
Meadow and Island sites have no tables or fireplaces. There are many nice places to pitch tents near the lake, and adjacent to or within trees. Impromptu “Tent Communities” are often established at the campout.

What accommodations are available if I don’t bring a tent?
Bunkhouses (10 person), lodge rooms (4 person), and summer cabins (8 to 12 persons) are shared lodgings with bunk beds but many of these are generally set aside for those with medical and accessibility needs. Participants with special needs have priority for Lodge rooms. In the Lockamora camping area, there are “rustic” A-frame cabins, and large cabin tents. There is more information at the Ensign Ranch site, or you can take a look at the PDF files at the bottom of this page that show a map of each camping area.

What about water, toilet facilities and showers?
Restrooms with hot and cold running water are located at the Lodge, and southwest of the Lockamora camping area. Portable “biffies” are situated in the vicinity of camping areas. Potable (cold) water is available at faucets near established camping areas.

Can we swim or float in the Yakima River?
There are no lifeguards, and Ranch-owned equipment (canoes, life jackets) can be used only in Crabtree Lake, but you may use your own gear (swim tubes, rafts, kayaks, canoes) if you wish to swim or float.

How about swimming or floating in Crabtree Lake? Does it have leeches?
The leech population is kept in check by the fish that are stocked in the lake. A swimming platform is positioned near the west end of the lake. Canoes for use in the lake only are available from the Ranch, or bring your own (canoe, inner tube, raft, etc.).

How are the collected funds spent?
The Campout is a bargain! Costs include: Ensign Ranch-camping, lodging and use of the lodge and facilities. Also equipment for activities, DJ services, food provisions, and other costs associated with preparation for this activity.

What should I wear?
Clothing should be selected for mostly outdoor activities, including some athletic events and water sports (bring a swimsuit). Daytime weather may be hot, and nights will be cool (cold!), so bring a jacket. Be prepared. Be comfortable. Absolutely NO tuxedos or formal gowns. J

Is this event open only to members of the Church?
No. Anyone who is single and age of 27 and up–and their single children–can attend.
Familiar LDS Church Standards are expected, as always.

Can I come if I am separated but not yet divorced?
No. This event is only open to people who are not married. Any divorce must be final.

Who sponsors this Campout event?
It is sponsored by the Western Washington Multi-Stake Single Adult Groups of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Are there alternate accomodations?
Yes, Cle Elum hotels.