**Subject to Change 


Start      End        Activity Location

1 :00pm                10:30pm               Registration/Check-in    Registration Tent

5:30pm 8:30pm                 Dinner  Behind the Lodge

9:00pm    1 1:00                Family Dance     Main Tent



Start      End        Activity Location

8:00am 8:30pm Registration/Check-in    Registration Tent

8:00am 9:30am Breakfast             Behind the Lodge

9:00am 6:00pm Slip 'n Slide         Field

9:00am 10:00am               Yoga      Big Tent                 

10:OOam             12:OOpm             Climbing Tower by Family Cabins

10:00am               12:00pm               Archery Lochamura Fields

10:00am               12:00pm               Tomahawk/Knife Throw Lockamura Field

10:00am               11:30am               Solar Cooking     TBA

1 1 :OOam          12:00pm               Kids Crafts           Behind the Lodge

11:00am               12:00pm               Dance Instruction            Big Tent

12:00pm               1 :00pm                Lunch    Behind the Lodge

1 :00pm                4:00pm Horseback Riding, $5 fee, PIs be early      Barn

1 :00pm                4:00pm Archery Lochamura Fields

1 :00pm                4:00pm Tomahawk/Knife Throw Lochamura Fields

1 :00pm                4:00pm Can You Do It? A Carnival of Activities*   Softball Field by Barn

5:30pm 7.•OOpm            Dinner  Behind the Lodge

7:00pm 8:00pm Magic Show Family Fireside         Main Tent

8:30pm 11:00pm               Adult Dance       Main Tent

8:30pm 1 1.•OOpm         Youth Dance      Main Tent

8:30pm  1 1 •.00pm        Children/Youth Activities (3-13) Lodge


Start      End        Activity Location

8:30am 9:00am Sacrament Preparation  Main Tent

9:15am 9:45am Primary Prep Meeting    Lodge

9:30am 10:00am               Prelude Music   Main Tent

10:00am               1 :00pm                LDS Church Meetings    

10:00am               11:10am               Sacrament Meeting        Main Tent

1 1 :20am            12:00pm               Gospel Doctrine                Main Tent

1 1.•20am           12:00pm               Youth 12-18 SS  Serving Tent

1 1 :20am            12.•OOpm          Primary Lodge

11:20am               12•.OOpm          Nursery Lodge

12:10pm               1 :00pm                Melchizedek Priesthood Serving Tent

12:10pm               1 :00pm                Relief Society     Main Tent

12:10pm               1 :00pm                YM/YW

2:00pm 2:50pm Gospel-Themed Workshops       

3:00pm 3:50pm Gospel-Themed Workshops       

4:30pm 6.•OOpm            Dinner  Behind Lodge

6:30pm 7:30pm Adult Fireside    Main Tent

6:30pm 7:30pm Youth Fireside (12-18)    Serving Tent

6:30pm 7:330pm               Primary Activity (3-11)   Lodge

8:00pm 9:30pm Flashlight Walk/sing Along           Depart lodge parking lot


Start      End        Activity Location

8:00am 9:30am Breakfast             Behind Lodge

9:00am 11:00am               Service Project 

9:30am 12:00pm               Various Activities

9:30am 12:00pm               Pack/Clean-up & Check Out        

Safe Travels & See You next year