Volunteer Opportunities - Singles Serving Singles

We NEED your help!!  There is so much that needs to be done and so much more that could be done!  Please, we ask you, beg you to please sign up to help!!  There are so many blessings to serving at this activity for both you and those you serve.  You will meet a lot of people by serving.  You will feel a part of the bigger picture.  Those you serve will be blessed as the event will run smoother and be more enjoyable for everyone!
Sign-up for volunteer opportunities at the registration/check in booth at Ensign Ranch!  

Here are some of the areas we need help with:
Food Preparation and Serving and Clean Up:  As you can imagine, serving 1400 plus people is an all weekend long service project!  We need any help with food you are willing to do. Please pitch in!  Come to the kitchen one-hour prior to to time that the meal will be served, for example, if dinner is a 5 pm, come at 4 pm to help out. Thanks! 

Security/Campsite Monitor:  Who doesn’t want to help a damsel in distress or just visit with those coming and going?  We need able bodies to help give direction and flow to the event as well and batten down the hatches if they need to be. Two or four hour shifts available.
Registration Desk and Welcome Committee:  Would you like to meet people as they arrive or help them feel welcome and part of the event?  Come join the fun group!  Our goal is to help each attendee to feel welcomed and loved…Let’s do this!  Two or four hour shifts available.
Medical/First Aid: We are looking for a medical profession BLS certified.  Two or four hour shifts.  We appreciate any support here we can get.  Please share your talents.

Translation Services:  We usually need a Spanish interpreter and American Sign Language (ASL) certified interpreter, but if you are fluent enough in another language, please let us know.  If the needs arise we would love to be able to reach out to you.

Activities:  Lots to do here!
  • Climbing Wall: We need at least four belayers and one person helping with belts in the morning and in the afternoon on Saturday.  If you have belayed or climbed before and need a refresher, we can help with that!  This is always a popular activity for kids and adults.  The more we have helping, the more we can get on the wall.  Two hour shifts but if you even just have one hour to spare, we would appreciate it.
  • Archery: One volunteer for Friday night, 3 for Saturday morning and afternoon (experience in archery or hunting is not necessary, but would be appreciated)
  • Canoe Racing: 4 Volunteers needed to assist racers into life jackets and canoes. Swimming skills a plus.
  • Color Run/Walk: 5 Volunteers needed to assist in throwing the colored chalk (cornstarch), etc.  Must bring sunglasses and bandana or some other shield to cover mouth.  
  • Slip 'n Slide: One volunteer needed Saturday 9-11am, 11-1pm, 1-3pm & 3-6pm (2 hour shifts).  Please bring water shoes.
Sunday Opportunities:
  • Bless, Prepare, Pass Sacrament:  The sweetness of sacrament all together is something that warms my heart each year.  We are in need of many worthy priesthood holders to administer this sacred ordinance.  Please let us know if you or your son would like to participate.
  • Activity Assistant/Helper/Chorister for Primary:  Love kids?  Here is just the place to help out.  People are needed to make music time and the group activities run smoothly, and with as many smiles as we can get.  Primary is taught at the Main Hall from 11:20 - 1 pm.  Just show up...we have a place for you.
Monitor/Clean Restroom (light cleaning, takes about 30-40 minutes):  For the REALLY dedicated!  We appreciate you!  Please if you can we can use your help!
Chairs and Gear setup/take down/transport:  We need help setting up chairs on Saturday night for the fireside then taking them down for the dance then setting them up for Church the next morning.  There will also be needs on Monday morning to help break down and pack up on Monday.  Easy and fun…
Sign-up for volunteer opportunities at the registration/check in booth at Ensign Ranch!